Wivenhoe Rentals advertisements

What are the benefits of our premium service? You can:

have your own web page for your property;


provide more information about your property, include pictures and provide a link to a map;


avoid having to repeat the same information about the property to every caller. "Where is it? Is there a garage? Do you accept pets? Is there a dishwasher? Etc, etc.";


advertise even when your property is occupied. You can let potential tenants know when the property will become available and minimise voids.

Our service is not expensive. A year's advertisement with Wivenhoe Rentals costs less than a month of ads with the local newspapers.


All advertisements are accepted subject to our terms and conditions.
1. Initial placing of a small ad (up to 50 words without photograph) for one property per owner. Free - for 60 days
2. Standard Tariff - More than 60 days and up to two suspensions and restorations of a small ad. To keep this service at this price your instructions must be by e-mail rather than telephone. 20 for one year
3. Taking one external photograph for a small ad*. 20
4. Premium Tariff - includes Standard Tariff. We will design a web page for one property with up to 5 photographs.  We will meet you or speak with you on the telephone initially. You may ask for the page to be amended to advise that it is let (or when it will be available in future) or suspend and restore the ad up to three times in any year. To keep this service at this price your instructions must be by e-mail rather than telephone. 59 for one year
5. Creating a web page incorporating your photographs and text not involving a visit to the property by us. 39 for one year
6. Renewal of Premium Tariff for one year. 49 
7. Taking up to five new photographs for use on web site. 25 per visit**
8. Two properties submitted at same time. 10% discount
9. More than two properties submitted at same time. 15% discount
10. Preparing a tenancy agreement. e-mail for details

* Subject to acceptance if the property is more than 5 miles from Wivenhoe railway station.
** If you fail to keep an appointment and we cannot obtain access to the property, a charge of 15 will be payable by you.